Worlds Fastest Submarine – Soviet submarine K-222

This is the worlds fastest submarine.This was the first submarine which was made using a titanium hull, This submarine was created by under Aanchar 661 project. It is a nuclear powered submarine. In the west it was well known as PAPA class. K-162 was renamed K-222 in 1978


 worlds fastest submarine

Worlds Fastest Submarine

During the Design of the worlds fastest submarine  it was made sure that the project had to be innovative. None of the previous technologies where using in creating the submarine. this made the worlds Fastest submarine highly invoative.

It was the first submarine with a titanium hull


The submarine carried 10  П-70 «Аметист» or SS-N-7 Starbright  missiles in individual tubes forward of the sail, which is between the outer and inner  hulls, which were both of titanium alloy. it has a design which is similar to the  Charlie Classes of submarines, The submarine K-222 was designed to attack aircraft carriers.The missiles could only be loaded on to the submarine from a port hence they were known as the “one shot ” submarines, This is similar to the Charlie class of submarines and also the Oscar class submarines

K-222 was compact because it did ot have diesel generators which also required arrays of battery to store the backup power instead it had a two water-water reactors.

 worlds fastest submarine
worlds fastest submarine

Features of the Worlds fastest submarine

  • The submarine was launched on 21 December 1968
  • The foundation was laid on 28 December 1963
  • The foundation was laid on 28 December 1963
  • Her unofficial maximum speed, reached 30 March 1971, is 44.85 kn (51.61 mph; 83.06 km/h)
  • LxBxH: 106.9 m (350 ft 9 in)x11.6 m (38 ft 1 in)x8 m (26 ft 3 in)
  • The ships propulsion were 2 × VM-5m type pressurised water reactors, 177.4 MW (237,897 hp)
  • 2 × steam turbines, 2 shafts 80,000 shp (60 MW)
  • The  worlds fastest submarine could endure without surfacing for 70 days
  • The depth that the submarine could reach is 400 m (1,312 ft 4 in)
  • The  worlds fastest submarine could house 82 people out of which 25 were officers