Fastest trains in USA – Acela Express

High speed rails in USA have their own definition . Anything above 110 miles per hour or 180 kmph or higher is consider as high speed train(fastest trains in USA) according to the US government.

So according to the US government definition the fastest trains in USA is the train which run o the northern corridor, the Amtrak’s Acela Express which is the only high speed train which operates in the united states of america.

Fastest trains in USA

There is a special point about the Acela Express the fastest train in USA, i.e the train operates on the conventional rail tracks only. It does not have a special track constructed for operating acela express only.

Unlike it is  case of the Asian and European rail systems where a separate line is created just for high-speed train operations.

Acela Express has an average speed of between 68-82 mph (109-132 km/h) on its routes between Boston and New York, and New York and Washington, D.C., respectively.

For brief segments the train travels at up to 150 mph (240 km/h). By comparison, Japanese high-speed trains between Tokyo and Kyoto run at an average speed of 137 mph (220 km/h) and Spanish and Chinese trains average even higher speeds

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Fastest Trains in USA: Acela Express

Fastest Trains in USA

Acela Express trains the Fastest trains in USA are the only true high-speed train sets in North America; the highest speed they meet is 150 mph (240 km/h), though their average is less than half that speed.

The Acela the fastest trains ins USA has become popular with business travelers, and by some reckoning has captured over half of the market share of air or train travelers between Washington and New York. Between New York and Boston the Acela Express has up to a 54% share of the joint train and air market.

Acela trains use tilting technology which allows the train to travel at higher speeds on the sharply curved NEC without disturbing passengers, by lowering lateral centrifugal forces

The Acela carried just under 3.4 million passengers in fiscal year 2012; second only to the somewhat slower Northeast Regional, which had over 8 million riders in FY 2012 In 2012,

The Acela Express had a total revenue of US$508,080,295, up from $409,251,483 in 2009 and accounting for about 25% of all total revenue generated by Amtrak services (another 25% coming from Northeast regional traffic and 25% each for long-haul traffic and regional services throughout the rest of the country.