Fastest Ships in the world

Here is a list of the fastest ships in the world. These ships  travel at the speed of 32 knots (1 Knot = 1.852 Kilometers per Hour ). 32 Knots = 59.264 Kilometers per Hour. The extra speed of a fast battleship was normally required to equip the vessel for additional roles besides taking part in the line of battle. Such as escorting aircraft carriers. These ships are termed as “Fast battleships”.

Fastest Ships #1: Iowa-class battleship (32 Knots):

The Iowa-class battleships were a class of fast battleships ordered by the United States Navy.

In 1939 and 1940 to escort the Fast Carrier Task Forces that would operate in the Pacific Theater of World War II.

 Six were ordered during the course of World War II.

But only four were completed in time to see service in the Pacific Theater.

The last two had been laid down. But as a result of the postwar draw down of the armed forces they were canceled prior to completion and eventually scrapped

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Fastest Ships #2: Scharnhorst-class battleship (32 Knots).

The Scharnhorst class were the first capital ships. Also referred to as battlecruisers and battleships.

Built for the German Navy (Kriegsmarine) after World War I.

The class comprised two vessels: the lead ship Scharnhorst and Gneisenau.

Scharnhorst was launched first, and so she is considered to be the lead ship by some sources.

However, they are also referred to as the Gneisenau Class in some other source.

As Gneisenau was the first to be laid down and commissioned.

They marked the beginning of German naval rearmament after the Treaty of Versailles.

The ships were armed with nine 28 cm (11 in) SK C/34 guns in three triple turrets, though there were plans to replace these weapons with six 38 cm (15 in) SK C/34 guns in twin turrets. 2-Scharnhorst-1-A503-FM30-50 Source:

Fastest Ships #3: Bismarck-class battleship (30.8 Knots):

The Bismarck class was a pair of battleships built for the German Kriegsmarine shortly before the outbreak of World War II. The ships were the largest warships built for the German Navy. Bismarck was laid down in July 1936 and completed in September 1940. While her sister Tirpitz‘s keel was laid in October 1936. Work was finished in February 1941.

The two ships were broadly similar to the World War I-era Bayern class. In that they mounted a similar main battery and were protected by a similar armour arrangement.



Fastest Ships #4:  Kongō-class battlecruiser

 (30.5 Knots):

The Kongō-class battlecruiser (金剛型巡洋戦艦 Kongō-gata jun’yōsenkan?) was a class of four battlecruisers built for the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) immediately before World War I. Designed by British naval architect George Thurston, the lead ship of the classwas the last Japanese capital ship constructed outside of Japan as the latter three were built in Japanese shipyards. During the late 1920s, all but Hiei were reconstructed and reclassified as battleships. After the signing of the London Naval Treaty in 1930, Hiei was reconfigured as a training ship to avoid being scrapped. Following Japan’s withdrawal from the London Naval Treaty, all four underwent a massive second reconstruction in the late 1930s. Following the completion of these modifications, which increased top speeds to over 30 knots (56 km/h; 35 mph), all four were reclassified as fast battleships. Fastest Ships in the world



Fastest Ships #5: Littorio-class battleship

(30 Knots):

The Littorio class, also known as the Vittorio Veneto class, was a class of battleship of the Regia Marina, the Italian navy. The class was composed of four ships: LittorioVittorio VenetoRoma, and Impero. Only the first three ships of the class were completed, however. Built between 1934 and 1942, they were the most modern battleships used by Italy during World War II. The Littorio class ships were developed in response to the French Dunkerque-class battleships, and were armed with 381-millimeter (15.0 in) guns and had a top speed of 30 knots (56 km/h; 35 mph). The design was considered by the Spanish Navy, but the outbreak of World War II interrupted construction plans.



Fastest Ships #6: HMS Vanguard (23) (30 Knots):

HMS Vanguard was a British fast battleship built during World War II and commissioned after the war. She was the only ship of her class and was the biggest. Fastest and last of the Royal Navy’s battleships, The final battleship to be launched in the world. Work on the ship’s design commenced before the war because the Royal Navy anticipated being outnumbered by the combined German and Japanese battleships in the early 1940s.

The existing Lion-class battleship design was modified to suit Vanguard‘s main armament.

The British had enough guns and gun turrets in storage to allow one battleship to be built relatively quickly.

But the work was started and stopped several times during the war.

Even after construction had begun, her design was revised several times to reflect war experience.

These changes prevented her from being completed during the war.

Fastest Ships in the world