Fastest Cricket ball – Fastest bowler


The current record for the fastest cricket ball ever thrown by a cricketer in cricket is held by SHOAIB AKHTAR (Pakistan cricket team) the fastest bowler in the world.

Here is the fastesy ball in the history of cricket.

On 22nd February of 2003 at Newlands stadium, Cape Town, South Africa in a world cup match against England, The highest electronically measured speed for a ball bowled by any bowler is 161.3 km/h (100.23 mph) by Shoaib Akhtar (Pakistan).

He is one of the only three cricketers in history to bowl a ball fastest than 100 mph.

Shoaib Akhtar is one of the fastest bowlers in cricket. Akhtar has a number of fast bowling records. He has bowled at speeds of 161.3kph, 160kph 3x, 159kph and 158.4kph. The fastest three were against New Zealand in 2002 and the other three were against Sri Lanka in 2002 also. He was the first bowler in the history of cricket to have been recorded to bowl over 100 mph, though there were suggestions that others may have achieved the feat prior to the speed being recorded.

THE Above record is proven and is placed in guiness book of world records.

Recently Morne Morkel’s in IPL was an error by the electronic(HAWK eye).

The speed of Morne’s delivery should have been in the 140s and not in the 170s,” Hawk-Eye creative producer James Japhet told The Indian Express on Wednesday

And hence the fastest ball in cricket still remain at 163 kmph and the fastest bowler is Shoaib  akhter.–morne-bowls-quickest-ever-ball-turns-out-hawkeye-wasnt-looking/1104228/